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Books and book covers illustrated by Jennifer Farley

Bliain na nAmhrán (Year of Song)

Bliain na nAmhrán (Year of Song) written by Tadhg Mac Dhonnagaín features the work of four illustrators – each illustrating a series of spreads about a season. My season was winter. I’m delighted that this collaboration went on to win the 2017 Children’s Books Ireland Judges’ Special Award.

The 2017 Children’s Books Ireland Judges’ Special Award went to Tadhg Mac Dhonnagaín, Jennifer Farley, Brian Fitzpatrick, Tarsila Krüse and Christina O’Donovan for Bliain na nAmhrán. The judges said: “This sumptuous illustrated collection of songs in Irish invites young and old audiences to celebrate the seasons and the natural world. Accompanied by a CD and beautifully illustrated by a team of accomplished illustrators, this multimedia collection offers a special aesthetic experience. “

Winter - Art by Jennifer Farley
Winter – Art by Jennifer Farley




Astronaut-Academy--Book-Cover - illustrated by Jennifer Farley

Astronaut Academy

Through a series of fun and challenging tasks, kids will attend “classes” as part of their special training required to become an astronaut on a mission to Mars: Space Pilot, Space Living, Space Engineer, Space Scientist and Space Gym. Each topic is accompanied by missions—physical and mental challenges, as well activities designed to mimic the skills involved in real-life training! Kids will tackle hand-eye coordination exercises and obstacle courses and learn how to build a balloon rocket as well as first aid skills. There are stickers, a poster and even a model space shuttle!

Written by Steve Martin, illustrated by Jennifer Farley, cover design by Jennifer Farley.


Animal ABC

Jennifer Farley Animal ABC CoverAnimal ABC is an alphabet book I wrote and illustrated for very young readers. It features 26 colourful animals and a glossary with some interesting facts about each one. It’s available to buy in print and download as an ebook from Amazon.

You can buy or download the Animal ABC book from Amazon USA here or Amazon UK here.

Here’s the official blurb!

Big, bright and bold! This beautifully illustrated alphabet book features 26 animals and birds, covering land, sea and air. With fun illustrations by Jennifer Farley, and bold graphic design to highlight each letter, this book is feast for the eyes. A short glossary gives interesting facts about each animal. Learn the ABC with some well-known and one or two unusual animal friends. Animal ABC teaches the alphabet by featuring an upper case and lower case letter with a corresponding bright colorful animal. A wonderful picture book for child and grown-up to share.


Jennifer-Farley-Animal-ABC-Glossary-MockupJennifer-Farley-Animal-ABC-Zebra Jennifer-Farley-Animal-ABC-Penguin   Jennifer-Farley-Animal-ABC-Giraffe   Jennifer-Farley-Animal-ABC-Bear


Farid’s Rickshaw Ride


“Farid’s Rickshaw Ride” is 48-page picture book I illustrated about a small boy in Bangladesh and the Rickshaw driver he meets one day in the city. The book was written by the very talented Rowan Oberman and created in conjunction with Trocaire. It was developed for use in schools as part of Trocaire’s “Education for a Just World” program. Here’s what the story is about: Farid is a 9-year-old boy living in Bangladesh. His cousin is visiting from Ireland! In preparation, Farid journeys around Dhaka to collect flowers, fish and blankets. On the way, the rickshaw driver shares some of his experiences which give insight into his life outside the city and prove helpful to Farid in his errands. But an accident brings home how quickly life can change – and a surprise visit shows Farid that there are other kinds of links between Ireland and Bangladesh.










Farid's Rickshaw Ride Picturebook illustrated by Jennifer Farley Farid's Rickshaw Ride Picturebook illustrated by Jennifer Farley

Farid's Rickshaw Ride Picturebook illustrated by Jennifer Farley

Farid's Rickshaw Ride Picturebook illustrated by Jennifer Farley

Farid's Rickshaw Ride Picturebook illustrated by Jennifer Farley


Grace O’Malley Meets Queen Elizabeth 1

Grace O'Malley's Dad illustrated by Jennifer Farley

This is a set of spot illustrations created for Irish language publisher An Gum.

According to Irish legend, as a young girl Grace O’Malley wished to go on a trading expedition to Spain with her father. Upon being told she could not because her long hair would catch in the ship’s ropes, she cut off most of her hair to embarrass her father into taking her, thus earning her the nickname “Gráinne Mhaol” (Irish pronunciation: from maol bald or having cropped hair). The name stuck and was usually anglicised as Granuaile.

Grace And O'Malley and her father illustrated by Jennifer Farley

Grace O'Malley with her hair cut short illustrated by Jennifer Farley

Eoghan Dubhdara Ó Máille, her father and his family were based in Clew Bay, County Mayo. He was chieftain of the Ó Máille clan. The Uí Mháille (O’Malleys) were one of the few seafaring families on the west coast, and they built a row of castles facing the sea to protect their territory. Grace was married in 1546 to Dónal an Chogaidh Ó Flaithbheartaigh (Donal of the Battle) – he was much older than her and they had three children together.

Grace And Donal Get Married Grace O'Malley illustrated by Jennifer Farley

O’Malley went to England and met with Elizabeth 1 at Greenwich Palace, wearing a fine gown, she refused to bow before Elizabeth because she did not recognise her as the Queen of Ireland.

Grace O'Malley illustrated by Jennifer Farley

Queen Elizabeth illustrated by Jennifer Farley
Many folk stories and legends about Grace O’Malley have survived since her days of pirating and trading with a huge number of traditional songs and poems about her.

Queen Elizabeth meets Grace O'Malley illustrated by Jennifer Farley